Sunday, August 18, 2013

No Time? ~Deskercise~

Does it seem to you that there are less and less hours with each passing day? Do you find yourself using that all too-familiar excuse, “There’s just no time to exercise,” more and more? What if you could replace that tired old phrase with, “There’s no time like the present!” and really mean it!? What if you could actually work out while you’re at work?! Well, you can! And today I have a few tips to help you do just that!
These moves may not help you get to the Olympics, but they will help you stretch and strengthen some neglected muscles and even provide some short stints of aerobic exercise—all right at your desk! Since doctors claim that any amount of exercise is beneficial, why let a day sitting in a chair mean getting only a mental workout when your body could get one too?!! Besides, sitting too long in one particular position can produce back pain, headaches, and listlessness. Over time, all this inactivity may lead to less productivity.
Deskercise- is exercise designed for those holed up inside a cubicle and/or those behind a desk. These moves will get your blood pumping, relieve the pressure of carpal tunnel, and work to strengthen your core. Deskercise is not designed to eliminate your gym workouts, just help fill them in! www.amfightclubTV you can find more online workouts to do right at your desk….and eliminate, once and for all, that no-good, “No-Time” excuse from your vocabulary!
Now get out there and kick some ass!
Julie :)

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