Sunday, October 27, 2013

Spark your Strong

Spark Your Strong!

 Every day brings a new battle......we are faced with the fight to be
 mentally, physically, and spiritually. Whether it's our workouts, our
 eating habits, or tending to that voice inside ourselves.....we have to
 prepare each and every day for the Fight -2B- Fit.  And that's exactly what
 for inspiration and encouragement, and just to know you're not alone.
 in this battle together, and together we can WIN!

 So start each day by asking yourself, "Do I want this?" You already know
 the answer is "YES!"....So go after it!!  Set your mind to push your
 Watch your body transform and become stronger. As your strength grows,
 you'll begin to carry yourself differently with the passing of each new
 day. Be sure to share your spark with others! Be confident in your
 But never confuse becoming STRONG, with becoming self-important. There is
 very real difference!  Remember.....being strong is about being your
 not about best-ing everyone else. So strive today to be your own best,
 search for ways to inspire others to do the same. Together, let's fuel
 fires within us, and Spark our Strong!! ~Battle On!

Friday, October 18, 2013

Taking Criticism

Criticism  ...How Should we take it??
We are not born with the ability to take criticism lightly.Most of us get very defensive. After all who wants to hear bad stuff about ourselves?? Its hard not to take it personal. I have found that taking criticism is something we have to learn as a skill.
Just like a muscle we have to build it and then maintain it.
The next time you  feel you are getting criticized try this thought.... Remind yourself imperfections do not make you a failure, We are made through  progress not perfection. Just because we have some rough edges doesn't make us defeated.
We can then take the constructive criticism and turn it into a positive journey to help us grow into a better person.
~battle on~

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Willpower~ VS~ Muscle

   WILLPOWER  is Like a Muscle- So we need to have a plan of action when it gets tired!

Research shows that your capacity for self-control is very much like the muscles in your body - it can grow stronger with regular exercise.  But just as well-developed biceps sometimes get tired and jelly-like after too much use, coping with the daily stresses of career and family can exhaust your supply of willpower.  When you tax it too much at once, or for too long, the well of self-control strength runs dry.   It is in these moments that the doughnut wins.

If you've spent all your self-control handling other challenges, you will not have much left at the end of the day for resisting bad habits.  So it's important to think about when you are most likely to feel drained and vulnerable, and make a plan to keep yourself out of harm's way.  Be prepared in advance with an alternate activity or a low-calorie snack.

Remember -Don't give up what you want MOST for what you want NOW...
~battle on~

 ~Battle On~