Sunday, April 27, 2014

Becoming fitness Faithful

Becoming Fitness Faithful!

We start something and how many times do we throw in the towel?
More than we like to admit.

Here are a few ideas to keep you faithful to fitness..

Try to do activities that you enjoy.

Try to
Commit to another person ..also known as the "buddy system"

Make exercise a priority...make an appointment with yourself and do not cancel it!

Exercise first thing in the the time your half way though it you will wake up!

 And before you know it its over for the day!

Exercise even if your will rev you up!

Make sure you track your progress

When your clothes start to feel better on you..its a great feeling.

Walk your dog if you don't have a dog use a pedometer .

The crowning of all of this is the best...

 REWARD yourself .Buy something that makes you feel good!
There is no other motivation better than that !!

~battle on~

Friday, April 18, 2014

Count our Blessings

Blessed are those who Lift...Why? Because they will become strong enough to carry their problems.

Blessed are those who Run..Why? Because they will have the endurance to move through difficult times.

Blessed are those who Stretch..Why? Because they will be flexible enough to withstand the wings of change.

Blessed are those who Sweat..Why? Because they will know the value of hard work.

~battle on~

Friday, April 11, 2014

Nothing worked for me until I found this - so I HAD to share it with everybody.

I am officially down 4 dress sizes

It literally took me 2 weeks to achieve this! All thanks to a tip I received. I literally melted over 17 pounds without changing how much I ate. It was one of the easiest things I have ever done.

To get started - this is all you need.

My husband, kids, and friends cannot believe their eyes how a 40 year old could manage to look so good.

You have got to give this a try

Enjoy the rest of your day (I know I will)!!

Saturday, April 5, 2014


There is a difference between our Pride and our Ego.
Pride pushes us to be our best. Ego is anxiety and weakness that demands us to look or perform better than anyone else.
Pride is what we feel when we celebrate something we didn't think we could do. Ego is that jealousy we feel when it looks like someone else did better than us .
Pride drives us to finish when we are tired...Ego ignores our body's signals and pushes us past our limits into injury.
Pride is internal..Ego is External.Constantly looking at the performance of others and judging our self to be the loser every time.
Taking our ego with us is dangerous to our body and our mind. It can leave us with a disappointed heart and damaged muscles.
Ego's can be tricky  things....It can whisper in our mind  convictions of how good someone else is doing. Its so easy to fall under that spell.
It takes practice ignoring the voice of Ego. But its worth it in the end...Because the promises of our ego are lies.
Remember PRIDE  is what we are after.PRIDE is what we want--that limitless happy feeling when we have done the very best we could! and did it honestly!!
~battle on~