Sunday, April 27, 2014

Becoming fitness Faithful

Becoming Fitness Faithful!

We start something and how many times do we throw in the towel?
More than we like to admit.

Here are a few ideas to keep you faithful to fitness..

Try to do activities that you enjoy.

Try to
Commit to another person ..also known as the "buddy system"

Make exercise a priority...make an appointment with yourself and do not cancel it!

Exercise first thing in the the time your half way though it you will wake up!

 And before you know it its over for the day!

Exercise even if your will rev you up!

Make sure you track your progress

When your clothes start to feel better on you..its a great feeling.

Walk your dog if you don't have a dog use a pedometer .

The crowning of all of this is the best...

 REWARD yourself .Buy something that makes you feel good!
There is no other motivation better than that !!

~battle on~

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