Sunday, January 26, 2014

Multi Tasking


Multi-tasking isn’t just a word we toss around anymore— it’s now a very real way of life! Without it, many things would go undone. But with it, we have the chance to use our time efficiently and productively. Even when it comes to meeting our physical fitness needs!
As the owner and operator of three separate businesses, I have to multi-task every single day! Since one of my jobs is to inspire you to be healthier, I have a few tips on how to infuse your everyday “To-Do List” with several mini, but mighty, workout moves. Use these simple suggestions and you’ll not only cross items off your chore list, you’ll be on your way to a fitter, more-fabulous, YOU!
First off, the next time you’re wiping down your countertops, use small circular motions, moving your arms forward and back. Think about igniting your core as you bend to reach across the surface, pressing your dishrag down with intention and force. Bam! Your arms just received a workout, and your tummy just became a little bit tighter!
Next, re-think your chore of vacuuming floors! It can be about more than just achieving lint-free carpet! Add in leg lunges every time you push the handle forward, moving from one side of the room to the other. Turn and repeat, back to the other side, lunging on your other leg! Bam, Bam! Two tasks done for the price of one! Your legs shape up right along with your floors!
No matter what you do, remember to tighten your abs, ignite your core. Squat, lift, twist, and turn. Use your body to its fullest potential, and before you know it, you’ll become a “clean, mean, fightin’ machine!”

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