Saturday, October 4, 2014

Do a Burpee Well


I know this sounds stupidly simple but watching people do burpees, especially if you list “lifting heavy stuff” as your preferred movements, the form tends to break down pretty soon. The follow things are what I see (and what I do) when you get tired doing burpees…
  • The “Belly Flop”
    • This is where you bend over and either step one leg out at a time and collapse or make an effort to jump out and then collapse to the floor
  • The “Snake Up”
    • This is where you leave your hips on the floor and look like you are doing an “Up-Dog” in a Yoga class…or MacKenzie back extensions (hey, I am a physio after all!)
  • The “Get-to-your-feet-anyway-you-can”
    • This is where once you have snaked up, you go to your knees and then gradually get to your feet. That sounds quite dramatic but it happens.
If you practice nice, perfect form for as long as you can, you will develop the strength and endurance you need to keep as efficient as possible for as long as possible.
If you can only get 10 done perfectly, then it sounds like 5×10 perfect burpees are a good prescription for you…remember that only perfect reps count. Get a partner to judge you – 1 warning per set – if you can’t maintain perfect reps, then the set is over and you have your 30-90secs break before doing them again. Once you can do 5 sets of 10 perfectly, start to increase the speed and reps per set.
~battle on~

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