Sunday, April 19, 2015


Did you know confidence grows on what we feed it?

We can hear 20 positive things and 1 negative..guess which one will take over our mind ..Yes the negative will. You will remember every word of it .The positive will go right out of our head.
I have a couple of ideas to help all of us with this battle.

1.Focus on today. .write a positive note to yourself and keep it near by you so that you can read it as often as you want during the day.

2. Exercise -Exercise is the ultimate drug! Its a confidence boosting-mind alternating, pick your heart rate up boost mood drug ! You need to take it everyday. Schedule your workouts..Feel free to use my workout program  You can use it at home. It will boost your confidence.

3. Change your vocabulary. You brainwash yourself constantly by what you say to yourself..I'm fat, I'm ugly, I'm not smart enough, I can't do that.. STOP! from this day forward you are going to change what you say to yourself..Positive only words.  Remember God made us and he didn't make mistakes.

Confidence is built by experience- The more we do something the more confident we become.  Fear and self doubt are what starves us from growing confidence. Lets do something today that we thought we couldn't do and feed our Confidence what it deserves~
~battle on~

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