Sunday, November 24, 2013


Let's face it` The number one result of lack of fitness motivation is "GIVING-UP"!
Before you do that remember any small milestone is worth celebrating!
Focus on the achievements that will get you closer to your big goal-This will help you to stay motivated.
Motivation Spike:
1.) If you are not seeing the results your expecting simply back off for a few days-That does not mean to stop working out completely- Just lower the intensity-this will give your body a rest. Then start to increase your workouts over a week.
2,)Make sure to mix-up and make your fitness fun! If you do the same thing over and over..of course you are going to get bored!!By adding some fun to your workouts it will give you something to look forward too~ has a variety of online workouts to choose from-you will constantly be doing something mentally and physically interesting.
3.) Write down your fitness goals. This will help you keep track of "The Why" your working out!

Remember the girl that  gave up?........No one else does either!

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