Sunday, August 3, 2014

A Vision Becomes a Reality

Just returning home from a weekend full of education.
It is inspiring to me to hear stories of how people have made there way in this game we call life.
I had the privilege to meet Paul-The President and founder of Revgear.
His Story was an inspiration to me not only as a Martial Art/Fitness Coach but as a person with dreams of my own.
His story began with telling me he was once an accountant.. He was a disciple of Krav Maga. he began His search to improve the gear being use for the Krav program .After finishing that hurdle he then began marketing the equipment by driving in his convertible to each martial art school that he could. His dream became a reality through  much hard work and dedication.
His vision for putting the best of the best in one place to educate is now also a reality "Revgear University"!!
Coodles to you Paul!!
You are the definition of the word "SUCCESS"

"Don't just seize the Day....OWN IT!!

~Battle on~

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