Sunday, December 7, 2014

Which comes first? Looking Good or feeling Good

Like the proverbial Chicken and the Egg, you may have asked yourself at some point in the past, "Which comes first? Looking good or feeling good?"

Debating such a question can lead to a never-ending spiral of uncertainty. Does one have to look good on the outside before she starts to feel good about herself on the inside?  Or must one feel good on the inside, before she starts to like how she looks on the outside?


For me, I truly believe that looking good on the outside is a direct result from feeling good on the inside. While it might be possible to kid yourself for a day or two, and say you look good even when you don't feel good, eventually the truth will catch up with you. If we want to look good on the outside, then we HAVE to feel good first on the inside......about ourselves, our lifestyles, and the choices we're making every day.


Think about do you feel on the days you decide to skip your workout? Sluggish? Slouchy? Mad at yourself? Or how about those days when you've eaten tons of sugar and devoured oceans of salty snacks? Do you feel bloated and slow? Tired and defeated? Do you think you "look good" on these days, or do you find yourself just wishing for the day to be over, so you can start new when you wake up the next morning?


Now think about those days when you exercise first thing in the a.m. Do you think differently about yourself as the day goes on? Do you find yourself standing taller, shoulders thrown back, with a smile on your face? Do you feel fresh and strong the whole day through? I bet you do! And I'll also bet, you radiate this look towards all you meet throughout the day. For the good you feel on the inside, can't help but spill over to the outside. Confidence becomes your coat, self-worth the scarf you toss around your neck. You stand with a different aura swirling around you, and others will see it and more importantly, you will feel it. And once you start this feel good/look good won't want it to ever stop! 


So what are you waiting for? Get out there and kick some ass!

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