Sunday, August 30, 2015

Healthy Snack Ideas

1. Hard-Boiled Eggs
Hard-boiled eggs are healthy and easy to prepare. Eggs are also filling and contain only 80 calories each. (More or less depends on size of egg)
2. Low Fat Cottage Cheese
Cottage cheese is full of protein and calcium. A half cup of low fat cottage cheese totals 100 calories. The protein in cottage cheese is valuable for muscle enhancement.
3. Apples
Apples are a good source of fiber and anti-oxidants that help the immune system. One medium size apple has 4 g of fiber and 95 calories.
4. Hummus Dip
Hummus is low in fat and carbohydrates but packs in protein. Try our Zucchini Hummus or Sweet Potato Hummus recipes!
5. Organic Popcorn
Air-popped organic popcorn contains polyphenols, a chemical that rids the body of toxins that damage blood cells. One serving is usually 2-3 cups.
6. Almonds
Almonds are protein-rich. Almonds are a good source of magnesium and vitamin E, an important anti-oxidant. Keep a serving size to 1 ounce.
7. Yogurt
Yogurt is low in fat and high in calcium. Yogurt helps remove bad bacteria from the digestive tract.
8. Natural Peanut Butter On Celery
Natural peanut butter loaded with protein. Spread it on celery for a healthy snack.
9. Grapes
Grapes are very low in calories. Thirty grapes totals only 100 calories. The nutrients in grapes help cleanse the liver and prevent cell damage.
10. Avocado
The avocado has a variety of nutrients for energy, mood enhancement and appetite surpression. According to the USDA’s nutritional database, one medium avocado has 240 calories.
11. Pears
One pear contains 6 g of fiber and an array of vitamins and minerals. Snacking on pears helps prevent colon cancer and sickness.
12. Cherry Tomatoes
Cherry tomatoes are chock-full of vitamins. Eating tomatoes lowers your risk for cancer and cardiovascular disease.
13. Baked Sweet Potato
Sweet potatoes are high in fiber and vitamin B6, a vitamn that helps prevent hardening of the arteries and blood vessels. The beta-carotene in sweet potatoes also promotes healthy skin.
14. Celery
Celery is high in vitamin C. The potassium, pthalides and magnesium in celery helps regulate and lower blood pressure.
15. Cantaloupe
Slice a cantaloupe in advance and refrigerate it for a healthy snack at work. Cantaloupe is another high vitamin C food.
16. Baby Carrots
Carrots are low in calories and include a large amount of vitamin A, which can improve eyesight in the dark.
17. Tuna in Water
Tuna is low in calories and one can of tuna in water has 10 g of protein. Add tuna to your salad, or eat it on whole grain bread.
18. Oatmeal
The beta-gluten in oatmeal benefits the immune system and eating oatmeal daily lowers cholesterol. The anti-oxidants in oatmeal protect the heart.
19. Strawberries
One cup of strawberries makes a nice little snack and it’s only 43 calories. Strawberries are also high in fiber and vitamin C.
20. Dried Fruit: Dried fruits are some of the healthiest alternatives to refined sugar, and they are an excellent way to satisfy a sweet craving. While many manufacturers use the natural sugar found in fruit, called fructose, to sweeten their products, eating fruit itself in moderation is a great way to get needed nutrients and vitamins.The dried fruits on the healthy list can be found in bulk at most health food stores, and pre-packaged at most regular grocery stores. Remember to always check the ingredient list for extra sugar or additives. 100 calories or less. just don't get the ones with extra sugar!

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