Saturday, October 17, 2015

Daily Reminders to keep life in Perspective

My Friend shared this Yesterday..I felt it needed to be passed on! A little  pick-me-up or even a reality check on a bad day!
5 Daily Reminders to Keep Life in Perspective
1. We all live under the same sky – The same things that make us all different unite us all. We’re individuals with unique histories, stories and strengths. Growing up, we need constant reminders that being different isn’t just okay, it’s necessary. It’s a part of life and it’s what makes us all special and offers purpose. As necessary as that advice is, we also need to know that we’re not all thatdifferent, at the same time. We’re on the same planet, under the same sky. We need the same things to survive. Thinking of this will help you lead a life of understanding. When you’re having trouble relating or finding empathy, this will come in handy. When you’re alone, it will connect you – you’ll remember that someone actually has felt how you do, even if you don’t know them. What a relief. :)
2. Knowledge really IS power – If you’re reading this post, whether or not you’ve had a formal education, you have the power to educate yourself. You have access to knowledge not previously available to the masses. This is the digital age, and it’s a time that truly reflects just how accurate the old adage “knowledge is power” really is. Knowing that you have the opportunity to keep learning and strengthening your mind is a GAMECHANGER. This means you can always find the answers you’re searching for, and it means you can help others find answers too. With all that is wrong with the world, I believe through knowledge we have the power to change.
3. Humans are meant to evolve – You can imagine how many times I’ve been told that I’ve changed over the years. I think the more appropriate observation is not that I’ve changed, but evolved. We’re not meant to stay the same all of our lives, no living creature is! Physically, mentally, emotionally – we evolve through experience. This is important to keep in mind not only when you think of how you’ve “changed”, but when you see change in others. This evolution definitely influences our personal relationships too, so it’s a good reminder when we notice ourselves drifting apart from people we used to be close with or becoming closer to people from different walks of life.
 4. The little things end up being the big things after all – Among all the big moments are an infinite amount of microscopic moments, many that are forgotten too quickly. Just because there’s a break in the action doesn’t mean that amazing things aren’t happening. Actually, those tiny experiences are what make the “big” things even possible. They give life more meaning than most realize.
5. Every day is a new opportunity – I know this sounds so clich√©, but if you’ve ever pulled yourself out of a rough time, you know how valuable this can be. Each day brings new chances for positivity and happiness. If you’ve made a mistake, try again tomorrow. The opportunity is there – all you need now is the effort. Don’t get discouraged if it takes more time, either – like I said above, it’s all about the evolution.

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