Sunday, November 8, 2015

Kettle Bell Benefits

The Kettle Bell has become a popular tool in the fitness world now because it will give you a kick butt workout that shreds fat and firms you up faster than anything else.
When you really take a look at it -It looks like a granny purse or a cannon ball with a handle!! It actually was used as counter weights for Russian Farm equipment. The farmers would throw it around as entertainment.
Its popularity spread throughout Russia soon they became a favored fitness tool. The Kettle Bell also became the country's national sport-they were used not just for power lifting and  Olympians, military and special forces began training with them.
Now we use them as another fitness tool in our gyms.Kettle Bells are used to perform explosive workouts that combine strength training , cardio and flexibility It's a whole body workout in a shorter amount of time than long, boring cardio or endless hours lifting weights.
Kettle bells are an odd shape so your body mass is off center-It requires an individual to use muscle that mimics real life situation.
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