Monday, April 15, 2013

Overcoming Roadblocks


by Stephanie Romero
When it comes to fitness, there are all kinds of roadblocks that can try to deter us from what we are attempting to accomplish.  Whether it’s losing weight, toning up or just becoming more active…there is always something ready to stand in the way of our efforts.
Let’s consider some of the common roadblocks that we face.  The first is getting started  Believe it or not, many people struggle with starting an exercise program or regime.
Not knowing where to start can prevent some people from doing anything at all.  They feel stuck and so they remain there (after all, it is familiar and comfortable, isn’t it?).
But there doesn’t have to be a magic plan in place.  Just get started somewhere.  Go outside and take a walk.  You don’t have to necessarily run a marathon or join a fitness center.  Just dosomething.
Another roadblock is finding the ideal “time” to exercise.  Here’s what I’ve come to discover.  There is no ideal time.
No matter the time of day, there is always a reason it won’t work.  You can’t miss your favorite TV show. You can’t get up that early.  You have outside commitments.  The excuse list could go on and on.
The way to overcome this roadblock is to just decide on a time and then stick with it.  Don’t allow other things to become excuses that hinder your efforts.  Make it work.
It could be that you just need to DVR your favorite show.  Or go to the gym directly after work.  Maybe you can’t exercise two days of the week but the other four you can. Lack of motivation is yet another roadblock.  The truth is, you have to want something in order to make it happen.  No one can do that for you.
But if you can find a way to increase the motivation, do it.  Maybe it’s purchasing a dress that you want to eventually fit into.  It could be rewarding yourself with a trip to the spa when you meet a certain goal.  Think creatively and outside the box.
No matter what roadblock comes along…there is always a way around it!

About Stephanie Romero

Stephanie Romero is a professional blogger for Families and full-time web content writer. She is the author and instructor of an online course, "Recovery from Abuse," which is currently being used in a prison as part of a character-based program. She has been married to her husband Dan for 21 years and is the mother of two teenage children who live at home and one who is serving in the Air Force.

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