Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Faithfully Fit: It's Resolution Go Time

With May right around the corner, ready to knock on our door, it’s time to ask……how are you doing with your New Year’s Resolutions? Have you been faithful and firm? Or faltering and flimsy?  
If you haven’t been as faithful to your new fitness routine as you had hoped, take heart. You’re certainly not alone!  All too often many of us throw in the towel soon after we start something new. But today I’m here to share some helpful tips to strengthen your resolve and pump up your faithfulness!
First off, find something you love to do! This is the perfect time of year to try new activities. Get outside! Go for a hike, go for a swim, pull on some rollerblades, or pedal a bike! Do something new every day, to fight off the dreaded doldrums that routine exercise can bring. Shake things up and watch what happens.
Next, grab a buddy! By committing to another, you just doubled your chances of sticking with a “fit-full” new lifestyle! Whether it’s with a pal or a pet, partner up, and you’ll soon discover a whole new way of exercising—side by side, face to face—making new friends, or renewing an old one! 
Third, make exercise a PRIORITY! Remember, YOU are just as important (in fact, far more important!) as any other meeting, appointment, or obligation on your calendar! You MUST take care of yourself, if you expect to take care of those you love and live with.
Another helpful tip….exercise first thing in the morning! Even if you’re tired and not fully awake, get up and get started. Stretch, yawn, move your body. Lunge, bend, and twist side to side. By the time you realize what your body is doing, you’ll be warmed up and ready to kick it into high gear! Half the battle will be won!
Finally, start tracking your progress. Push yourself today to do more push-ups than yesterday. Tomorrow do more sit-ups than you did today. Clip on a pedometer, and strive to walk more this week than you did last week. In fact, see how many steps it takes to reach some far-off, favorite destination from your own front door.  Dare yourself to beat old records. Set new goals and a deadline to achieve them. Before long, you’ll find your clothes fitting better and you feeling better. And when that happens, REWARD yourself for a job well done! But not with food. Instead, treat yourself to something good, something healthy, something long-awaited. Be faithful to your fitness goals, and soon you’ll be seeing and believing!! 
Now go kick some ass!

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