Friday, May 31, 2013

Epic Food Errors

May 31, 2013
Find out if you make any of these epic food errors!

Tune in to see Dr. Fuhrman with Dr. Oz on Tuesday, 6/4. Check your local listings for time and channel. 

In this episode, which originally aired on 1/10, Dr. Oz turns to Dr. Fuhrman for his expertise on why diets simply DO NOT WORK — and how they actually contribute to America's obesity epidemic! Throw away everything you think you know about dieting. Learn from Dr. Fuhrman how to stop your hunger in its tracks and lose excess weight, permanently!

During Dr. Fuhrman's appearance you will learn:

  • Why Diets don’t work
  • Three signs of true hunger
  • Five foods to combat “toxic hunger”

Could you be making common mistakes that sabotage your weight-loss efforts and cause you to pack on the pounds? Tune in and learn what you’ve been doing wrong and get the simple solutions you need to get it right!
*Please check your local television listing for correct time and channel.

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