Sunday, May 26, 2013

UGGGG!! Suffering Shin Splints

It's Here- The weekend that kicks off summer!! Along with that comes the warmer weather and we all like to be outside. Runners are out and taking it to  the pavement and the mud! Some that have never ran are giving it a try! The challenging 5ks that are being offered are making fitness fun! Once you are on a roll of getting the pace down.... I hate to be the bear of bad news BUT sometimes those sucking shin splints will come knocking at your door..Don't give up! I have some information  for you that can ease the pain!
Shin splints are very common. They're the cause of 13% of all running injuries. Runners might get them after ramping up their workout intensity, or changing the surface they run on -- like shifting from a dirt path to asphalt.

What's the Treatment for Shin Splints?

Although shin splints may be caused by different problems, treatment is usually the same: Rest your body so the underlying issue heals. Here are some other things to try:

  • Icing the shin to reduce pain and swelling. Do it for 20-30 minutes every three to four hours for two to three days, or until the pain is gone.
  • Anti-inflammatory painkillers. Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), like ibuprofen, naproxen, or aspirin, will help with pain and swelling. However, these drugs can have side effects, like an increased risk of bleeding and ulcers. They should be used only occasionally unless your doctor specifically says otherwise.
  • Arch supports for your shoes. These orthotics -- which can be custom-made or bought off the shelf -- may help with flat feet.
  • Range of motion exercises, if your doctor recommends them.
  • Neoprene sleeve to support and warm the leg.
  • Physical therapy to strengthen the muscles in your shins.
Don't let them bring you down--Keep battling!
Now go kick some ASS!

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