Sunday, September 29, 2013

Fear or Fierceness

Have you ever had that annoying feeling in the center of your stomach that you can't seem to ignore?
Its called "FEAR"
Fear is a "feeling state of your mind". The next time that feeling rears its Fierceness-Think of the thing you’re most afraid of. 
Now instead of trying to change the way you feel, take your attention deeper into exactly what you feel.  Ask yourself these three questions:
Where is it showing up in your body?
What part of your body holds the strongest physical sensation right now?
What specifically do you feel in that area?
While you are answering these questions Breath Deeper...Breath it all in ..Love it all Out...
Wouldn't it be great if every time you felt fear you fought it instead of shrink over it....Imagine the things you could do! the people you would meet and the accomplishment you would achieve!
YOU have the power to let fierceness fight the FEAR..Remember it's only a feeling-state of mind standing in your way! 
You've got this!
Breath through this and "Battle On"
. Yoga is a great exercise to add to your arsenal of workouts. It can help to overcome fears by relieving inner tensions, calming the mind and generate positive thoughts. Yoga gives us the strength to overcome anxiety provoking situations. Yoga makes us inwardly and outwardly strong! Give it a try!
Body-mind -spirit! 

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