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Questions and Answers With Amfightclub Jullie

A Question and Answer with AM Fight Club Julie

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What separates someone who achieves great things from those that don’t?
Great fitness is achieved by those that never give up! They continue to challenge themselves in many ways. It doesn't have to be a big
challenge..Just something small. More is not always better. Once a person realizes this- Their fitness and improved lifestyle will begin!

What do you say to someone who says they just can't do a workout--they have no motivation?
Motivation is a daily task for most of us. When the excuses start getting
in the way-It gets tough to battle back. Tell yourself there is no time like the present! Lets go!! Each individual has to find it in themselves to power-up.

What kind of motivational tools do you recommend-Positive visualization, a reward, better health, or something else?
Motivational tools are a huge part of our daily lives, All of these tools
listed are used. Of course the buddy system is also a great too! Being
responsible for another person’s well being can play a big part in staying
focused. So many times we will do things for someone else versus ourselves.

Tell about a client you and who said they had no motivation but turned their life around and makes fitness and health a  priority?
There have been many clients who said  "I CAN’T DO THAT", there is no way, it’s impossible for me, I’m too old, too heavy, too out of shape or whatever but once they try and continually get better they don't ever want to look back again. Why? Because they feel so much better about themselves. It really is mind over matter.

​Can you teach motivation or does it have to come from within?
Motivation comes from within. I can create circumstances to influence it-but it comes from them.It's something we all have to work on!

What is your definition of the word motivation and in your experience, why do some people have it and some don't?
Motivation is about psyching yourself up, that chest pounding,fire
feeling excitement! We all have it--sometimes. That’s the key
word (sometimes) Motivation is an inner drive to fulfil a goal. Motivation is a push!! It is something required when you want to finish a goal.

Can motivation help you overcome other obstacles in life other than
fitness and health?
Exercise has life changing benefits. Exercise is not just about aerobic capacity and muscle size. Sure It can improve your health and your physique- trim your waistline, improve your sex life and even add years to your life. People that exercise regularly tend to stay with it because it gives them a sense of well being. They feel more energetic throughout the day. Sleep better at night, improve memory and feel more positive about themselves and their lives.

Does having a workout partner help keep you motivated because you want to honor your commitment to them?
There is strength in numbers! One of the smartest things you can do is get a workout buddy. In fact having the right workout buddy can make the difference between failure and success. The right workout buddy can help you tap into those extra reserves of strength and energy so that you push thru a few extra steps!

Why do people get motivated to get healthy for an event like a class
reunion only to let it all slip away after the event is over?

The adrenaline rush is over.. You pushed yourself and so you feel you need some time to relax  and recover. It is sometimes considered a low grade depression. This happens in every event. Think about it. You are so focused on the big day(Maybe a class reunion or a wedding or a marathon) you’re driving for. You structured your life because you had a reason for your goal to be achieved. So it is  natural to think "what now?"
You have to fight that mental sabotage and keep going!

What kinds of motivation techniques do you use with clients?
Trainers like myself do not just teach exercise, We also serve as a life
coach. Helping clients set and achieve goals in their personal life is well
as  in their physical life.. I believe making a positive example of yourself speaks loudly.You are your best advertisement. Always give positive talk to people. You can not force someone to want change-but you can plant seeds that might blossom into a greater awareness and motivation one they finally decide it's time to make the change.
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